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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  January 4, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. police are trying to figure out what caused a man to fire a gun outside the capitol of the phillipines. it left eight people dead and eight people wounded. a three-year-old girl is among the dead. it happened friday in a township south of mena. investigators say 14-year-old men were drinking overnight with friends at the restaurant. they say he suddenly ran outside
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and started firing a gun. he later became involved in a shootout with police. officers killed him. investigators say they found illegal drugs at his home. people in the phillipines can possess firearms for self-defense with police permission. currently 1.2 million guns are registered in the country. experts say an additional 100,000 illicit firearms are registered. some fear they are endangering citizens by dumping radioactive materials. contractors have been working on the cleanup since july. they have to seal and store radioactive material. but the environment ministry are looking into reports that some dumped soil and vegetation into rivers and didn't collect the water they had used.
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officials say they plan to question the workers and find out whether other contractors are also breaking the rules. they say violators face up to five years in jail or a fine of more than $100,000. nearly two years have passed since the earthquake and tsunami disabled daiichi. the tokyo car company is still struggling to deal with the growing amount of contaminated water on-site. tepco manager said the operation of a new water treatment facility because of a series of setbacks. each day about 400 tons of brown water flows into reactor buildings. it then becomes contaminated with radioactive materials. as the volume increases, so does the radiation levels in the plant. and if a leak happened, the impact on the environment would be more severe. tepco managers plan to start
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operating their new treatment facility last september. it's designed to remove 62 kinds of radioactive elements from the contaminated water, including radioactive strontium. they have completed the facility, but they haven't started using it yet because they determined containers for storing weren't strong enough. the government has ordered tepco to conduct additional tests and to strengthsen the containers. they say they want the facility to begin operating as early as possible this year, but they have set no clear date. a chinese man accused of committing a crime in tokyo has returned home after a south korean court denied an extradition request by japan. he is suspected of setting a fire at a shrine. he is sentenced to a ten-month prison sentence in south korea
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in connection with another case. he threw a molitov cocktail at the japanese embassy in seoul last year. police believe he set fire to a gate at a shrine in 2011. they convicted him along with japanese war criminals. he is on extradition based on an environmental war treaty. they denied the request on thursday. it deemed liu is exempt from the treaty on the grounds he violated with crimes. it also justifies the parched colonial wars and not necessarily a religious facility. prime minister envoy protested against the court decision when he met with seoul and south korean minister kim so yong. the judgment was left in the hands of a judicial branch in
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accordance with law. >> it said in tokyo the ruling is extremely regret tabl. but he also stressed the two countries should factor only human-such dialogue. >> we hope to build nations where both parties can clearly trade emotions or by carrying away with emotions and sentiments, and better understanding each other in cultural and economic aspects. >> they flew to shanghai on friday. japan and china do not have a treaty. find she has formed a transition that is helping her get ready for the makeup of her cabinet. kim jong su leads a team
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handling foreign offense and unification of the two careers. also on the team are long-term fort fest's plan adviser. we have a transition committee bae and. job figures from the united states though that the tp grew month, but uf no by bring down the ratio of unemployment. officials of the labor department says it's he would is he had he. employers added 155,000 non farm jobs, and autos. it includes a jump in health care and the auto tractor-trail
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tractor-trailer. the. he is ryan 1 is rat hsb securities in new york. >> the december employment report out of the us is greatly as participated. the markish is yet to return in it particular, a lop see at a time a as indicating of the labor market. the outlook for the overall economy is similar. it's likely we will see steady growth over the years. there swau-- the housing marketr the past year should be a helpful factor for the overall economy. but there are still significant
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headwinds. tax increases in the new year will melt to about 16 at. but it's at least not. it wouldn't have been as strong as the little clift, he would have been priored by others is kit. he's become a. stomp stomp. he said that would punish the successful and talented. he hinted last month he was planning to take foreign citizenship. russian president vladimir putin signed a decree this week.
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milan wants to impose a 70% tax rate of anyone with an annual income of more than 1 million euros. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitigawa in tokyo.
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thank you for joining us.
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